Aleph Canada S’viva Sababa Program


Aleph Canada, the Alliance for Jewish Renewal in Canada, is dedicated to revitalizing Judaism in Canada. ALEPH Canada catalyzes, supports, and strengthens the movement for the practical and spiritual renewal of Judaism in Canada. ALEPH Canada nurtures and connects communities, creates new liturgy and educational resources, and works for social and environmental justice. S’viva Sababa is Aleph Canada’s new Jewish environmental education program.  
Are you passionate about the environment, education or both? Are you interested in Jewish-environmentalism? S’viva Sababa is always looking for volunteers in a few areas: 
Volunteers are needed to assist in curriculum development, lesson planning, facilitation and delivery of Jewish environmental workshops and programs both in-person and remotely. Volunteers would need to provide a Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check (which can be obtained with a letter from Aleph Canada). Some experience working with children is an asset. 
• Volunteers are needed to assist with grant-writing, partnership-building and outreach. Work would be done remotely in a highly-collaborative virtual environment.  
Hazon Jewish Youth Climate Movement (Ages 12-18) 
Join a Gen Z-led movement dedicated to combating climate change and environmental injustice from a Jewish lens. Our goal is to make taking collective action towards climate justice a central, defining feature of what it means to be Jewish over the next decade, empowering the next generation of Jewish youth to be leaders in our fight to build a sustainable and equitable world for all. JYCM is supported by Hazon, the largest faith- based environmental organization in the U.S. Check out our website