Volunteer with Jewish Family Services

Volunteers are needed in numerous areas, including:


Transportation Program:  Drivers are desperately needed to transport seniors to and from medical appointments, special events, social opportunities, grocery shopping, and the like. Approximately 1-2 drives per month, usually during regular business hours, taking seniors to medical appointments or social recreational programs. Put your name on an email list and accept the requests you want.

Specific Route: A driver is needed to a bring client who lives near the Trainyards and would like to continue volunteering at Hillel Lodge on Fridays, but needs transportation to get there from 12 noon. One-way only. If you are a west-ender who goes to Rideau Bakery on Friday mornings or an east-ender who needs the kosher Loblaws before Shabbat, this is a great opportunity to add an extra mitzvah to your week!


Kosher Meals on Wheels:   Drivers who can deliver on short notice are always at a premium, Wednesdays and Fridays. 


Friendly Visiting: Requests come in constantly from out-of-town family members needing a visitor for a shut-in senior.  Weekly, bi-weekly or ad-hoc opportunities are waiting to be filled by someone with a little time and a lot of heart.  Chat over coffee, take in a show, go bowling, cook together – you can make someone’s day!


TeleShalom:  We need volunteers to make daily morning reassurance calls to isolated seniors.  Each call takes approximately two to three minutes and can be done from your home, office or cell phone.


Share your Expertise:  From time to time, we receive requests for things like filling out tax or insurance forms, putting up a Sukkah, changing dishes for Passover, dog sitting, and the like.  If you have an expertise to share with someone in need, please let us know.

Making Connections - Gutten Tog Program:   Many Jewish seniors live in non-Jewish long-term care facilities, with no connections to the community.  Help them know we haven’t forgotten them with a visit once a week, every other week, once a month, or for a Jewish holiday.


ESL/English Enhancement: New Canadians who need practice speaking English, or assistance deciphering Canadian cultural nuances are always looking for mentors. We also recruit volunteer facilitators to run our ESL group classes on Mondays and Thursdays.

Contact: Volunteer Coordinator Ranit Braun at 613-722-2225, ext. 411
Please Note:  Mileage incurred by volunteers is reimbursed by JFS.