The Rabbi Reuven Bulka Shem Tov Community Volunteer Award

This award recognizes an outstanding volunteer for a lifetime of service dedicated to the betterment and enrichment of Jewish life in Ottawa. 

“There are three crowns: the crown of Torah, the crown of priesthood, and the crown of kingship; but the crown of a good name excels them all.”

- Rabbi Shimon

• nominees must be an outstanding and long-serving (minimum 25 years) volunteer in the Ottawa Jewish community, with one or multiple organizations

• must have been active within the past 3 years
• positively impacts Ottawa’s Jewish community
• only volunteer service can be considered
Nominees must be a member in good standing of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa (minimum gift to the Annual Campaign) and cannot previously have received this award. 
To be considered, nominations must include 2 letters of support, including one from a local Jewish organization. The nomination must address the above criteria and describe how the individual’s volunteer work has been sustained and is meaningful.

Harold Feder - 2022

This year’s award recipient is Harold Feder. Harold has served on Federation’s Board of Directors since 2015. While on the Board he has held many key positions, including secretary and treasurer. He has also chaired several key committees, such as Grants & Allocations, Finance & Audit, and Governance, and was on the Board nominating committee. In addition, Harold has served as chair of the Board of Directors for the Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation and has been the Foundation’s Honorary legal counsel for many years. Harold is recognized for his compassion and professionalism and for inspiring others to get involved. Professionally, Harold is a Partner at the firm of Brazeau Seller Law.

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Past Recipients:

2003   Evelyn Greenberg
2004   Naomi Lipsky Cracower
2005   Hy Bloom
2006   Lily and Jerry Penso
2007   Sam Ages z"l
2008   Mayer Alvo
2009   Estelle Gunner
2010   Blanche Osterer
2011   Morris Kimmel z"l
2012   Issie Scarowsky
2013   Ruth Aaron
2014   Henry Molot
2015   Flo Morgan
2016   Merle Haltrecht-Matte
2017   Hyman Reichstein
2018   Michael Landau
2019   Charles Schachnow
2020   Sharon and David Appotive

2021   Barbara Levinson and Joel Deiner
2022   Harold Feder