Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Jewish Federation of Ottawa's advocacy efforts to combat antisemitism and support Israel. Jewish community advocates play a vital role in representing and advancing the interests, concerns, and well-being of the Jewish community.

Your voice is crucial.

Research shows that one-on-one conversations are one of the most influential sources of information for non-Jews on the conflict and rising antisemitism. Keeping lines of communication open will let those friends who are interested feel safe asking you about what is an increasingly complicated yet simple conversation.

This friend-to-friend approach is a building block of everything we do. We build by engaging with people who either are not involved with the community, or our friends from outside the community. Additionally, our advocacy team helps to connect Jewish Ottawa to the broader community by building relationship with political and community leaders, deepening the trust and support for our work combatting rising antisemitism.
  • The Power of One

    Reaching out to even one person will provide benefits to all of us in increased support beyond the Jewish community.

  • Key Messages

    When engaging in advocacy, it can help to have some language to use as a starting point. Here are some suggestions.