New Roots Mentorship Program (Coming Soon)

In this Federation-based mentorship program, successful nominees will be matched with an individual mentor who currently holds a leadership position in the Jewish community. Over 10 months, participants will learn the core principles required for non-profit board leadership: board fiduciary; lay/professional relationships; and key leadership challenges, while maintaining an ex-officio seat on local Jewish organization board for the duration of program.

This mentorship program is for key leaders in our Ottawa Jewish community. Those nominated or applying to this program offer expertise and perspective that are integral to building and diversifying Jewish leadership in Ottawa. Open to young professionals in their late 20s to early 40s.

Participant Selection Process:
Individuals will be nominated by community professionals
Selected nominees will apply and be interviewed by committee and mentors
Successful applicants will be matched with mentor

Program outcomes:
Cohort of next generation Jewish leaders who are empowered and equipped to lead
Diversification of leadership
Process for succession planning
Streamline onboarding process
Timeframe: Ten months

*****This part of the program has not started yet; please stay tuned for developments.******