Leading Labs

Contribute to a vibrant Jewish Ottawa life by creating events, activities and programs that connect people, meet a unique need, and/or fill a gap in our Jewish community.  

With a group of like-minded peers, develop new and creative engagement opportunities that build affiliation and Jewish identity, and engage more people in Jewish life.

Young professionals in their late 20s to early 40s. 

Program objective:
Create an incubator of innovation for young professionals to convene, develop solutions to community-wide challenges, build Jewish life, and initiate social action

Program outcomes:
Empower lay leaders
Develop interest-based micro-communities
Build communal capacity by addressing communal problem
Timeframe: Monthly; commitment to see proposed project to completion

For more information about J-Fellows or leadership opportunities, contact our Director of Community Collaboration, Anne Read by calling 613-798-4696 x355 or email aread@jewishottawa.com