The Donation Process


1) Initial Contact Regarding Possible Donation of Material

  • Initiated by Donor or Archivist
  • Contact made in person, by telephone, mail, email


2) Assessment of Material at the Archives

  • Assessment of significance/value based on established criteria


Temporary Receipt Form

  • Completed only if material is being left at the Archives for assessment


3) Material Accepted

  • Donation / Accession Form completed by Archivist and signed by Donor
  • Copy of form given to Donor
  • Archivist arranges, describes, and stores material within Archives holdings




Material Returned

  • Refused material returned to Donor with explanation of refusal
  • Material not claimed within 90 days becomes property of the Archives and is discarded




Monetary Appraisal

  • A tax receipt for fair market value may be issued for material valued at over $500.00
  • All appraisals are completed by a Third-party Appraiser at the Donor’s expense


4) Deed of Gift Form

  • Transfers ownership and title of the donated material from the Donor to the Archives
  • Form signed by Donor
  • Copy of form given to Donor
  • Deed of Gift filed in Archives


5) Letter of Thanks sent to Donor

  • By mail or email


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