Jewish Day Schools

Jewish day schools offer full-time elementary and high school programs that provide a comprehensive, well-rounded Judaic and General Education.  This includes a tri-lingual academic program of Hebrew, French and English.

Why should I choose Jewish Day School for my child?

Day schools offer a challenging dual or integrated curriculum and have small class sizes allowing for individual attention from creative, knowledgeable teachers. Most graduates of day schools find that their rigorous curriculum prepares them well for advanced study.

Our Jewish day schools pride themselves on the high-quality general studies education that they provide. The dual curriculum – secular and Judaic studies - prepares students well for advanced study and enables our graduates to excel.

By providing serious educational connections to Jewish history and text and the Hebrew language, and by nurturing relationships to Jewish tradition, beliefs and practices, day schools make Judaism second nature.

Our Jewish day schools are more than places of education. They are communities that involve families in all aspects of Jewish life. Life-long friendships are forged among students as well as parents. The support network of peer families and the sense of community at the school is appreciated by families who seek to preserve that connection even after their children graduate.

Studies show that the more Jewish education a child receives, the more likely it is that he or she will lead an active Jewish life as an adult. Jewish day school education is one of the most effective means of transmitting our precious heritage to the next generation.

THE IMPACT: Jewish education has a direct and strong impact on decisions Jews make as adults.
Day schools simultaneously build two generations of Jewish leaders: parents, who often become active in the schools and the community; and students, who are more likely to be future Jewish leaders because of their education.

How can I afford Jewish day school?

If a family has a particular circumstance that makes it difficult to afford Jewish day school, scholarships are available. Each day school has its own extensive scholarship program.



Ottawa Jewish Community School    
Pluralistic Community Day School, SK – Gr. 8



Yeshiva High School of Ottawa
Orthodox, Grades 9 - 12



Torah Day School of Ottawa  (Rambam and Torah Academy unified)
Orthodox Jewish Day School, Pre-K – Grade 8




Early Beginnings Multicultural Child Development Centre     
Kosher, full-day care


Ganon Preschool                         
At Soloway JCC, half- and full-day options


Torah Day School of Ottawa  (Rambam and Torah Academy unified)
Orthodox Jewish Day School, Pre-K – Grade 8


Westboro Jewish Montessori Preschool
Run by Jewish Youth Library, half and full-day options


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