Sunday and After-School Jewish Programs

Jewish after-school and weekend programs offer meaningful, quality part-time Jewish education for children from preschool through to Grade 12.  

My family is so busy – why should we make time for Jewish education?

Learn and live Jewish values such as tikkun olam (repairing the world), chesed (loving- kindness) and tzedakah (charity). This experience enables children to engage in the larger world with a stronger sense of who they are. It is well-documented that awareness of one’s own ethnic group is critical to social development and identity formation, and enhances one’s capacity to be an active and committed citizen within the broader community.

Interactive & fun programs that intensely engage children and make them feel positive about being involved and proud to be Jewish.

Connect your family to the Jewish community. These programs are a gateway for young families and connect them with the Jewish community in a most meaningful way. The support network of peer families and the sense of community at the school is appreciated by families who seek to preserve that connection even after their children graduate.

Celebrate Jewish life! Children learn so much about all the Jewish holidays and show enthusiasm toward them.


My family is not religious, will my child fit in?

Families of all kinds are welcome!  From intermarried families and non-traditional families to those who are unaffiliated, there is a place for everyone!  

With a wide variety of programs each family can find a program that suits their needs.  With differing hours, locations and Jewish philosophies, find a place that is right for you.



Acheinu Jewish Russian Educational Centre
Preschool – Grade 8

Chabad Hebrew School                 
Preschool – Grade 8


Or Haneshamah - Machaneh Shabbat
Grades 1 to 6 (and their families)

Ottawa Modern Jewish School           
JK – Grade 7

Ottawa Talmud Torah    
Preschool – Grade 8

Temple Israel Religious School        
JK – Grade 12

Torah High                    
Grades 9 - 12