Shinshinim (a play on the Hebrew words, Shnat Sheirut, meaning “year of service”) are talented young Israelis who have made the difficult decision to defer their Israeli army service for one year, to come to Ottawa and become ambassadors of their country.


Two Shinshinim arrive in Ottawa in September, and stay until late August. They are a living bridge between our community and Israel. During the school year, they  work at the Ottawa Jewish Community School (OJCS) teaching about Israel and Israeli culture, Jewish identity and Jewish celebrations and participate in extracurricular and school-wide programming. The Shinshinim also work in Ottawa’s supplementary schools to enhance the Judaic and Israel programs, as well as with other community organizations including synagogue youth and adult groups. They spend the summer bringing Israeli culture, Hebrew and ruach to Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa.


During their stay, the Shinshinim are hosted by local families. To learn more about this program and hosting opportunities please contact Sarah Beutel at