Jewish Federation of Ottawa JWRP Momentum Trip Madricha Job Description



  • To empower participants to change the world through Jewish values that transform themselves, their families, and our community
  • MOMentum is more than a tour of Israel; it is an opportunity to deeply explore ourselves, spiritually, emotionally and Jewishly
  • Return home with the best gift of all - a deep, eternal connection to Israel, a profound kinship with each other, and a heart filled with Jewish values
  • Feel a deeper connection to Israel and a deeper sense of Jewish pride
  • Inspire participants to want to learn more, to increased volunteerism in their local Jewish community
  • Develop leadership skills • Integrate participants into the Ottawa Jewish community and create a sense of belonging



An ideal Madricha should enjoy working with others, have a strong Jewish background, feel comfortable traveling, and possess developing leadership skills.


The JWRP Momentum program is physically active and emotionally intense and the responsibilities of the Madrichot are demanding. The Madricha should be comfortable working as part of a cohesive staffing team under intense situations. The Madricha must be able to set a positive tone throughout the program, establishing a close relationship with the participants while maintaining an appropriate level of respect.


Madrichot must possess a clear understanding of the program’s goals and at most times must be prepared to put the experience of the participant above their own.


A Madricha must be willing to take direction and authority from the City Leader and the JWRP Leadership Team.


A madricha must:

  • Have previously participated in a JWRP Momentum Trip
  • Have at least one child under 18 years old living at home
  • Actively participate in Momentum follow-up programming
  • Be actively engaged in one-on-one or small group study on a regular basis
  • Show leadership abilities within the Ottawa Jewish community, i.e. volunteering, sitting on a board or committee, organizing a program for an organization, etc.
  • Show philanthropy for the Jewish Federation of Ottawa at a meaningful level
  • Be making meaningful steps towards growth Jewishly, i.e. a member of a synagogue, children enrolled in Jewish education, children’s participation in PJ Library, JCC, participating in community events, etc.
  • Be willing to help plan and execute pre and post trip programming
  • Be willing to invest in the Momentum program, as a Madricha is not subsidized, total cost being:
    • $650 USD participant fee
    • $700 USD ground costs
    • $175 USD tips & JWRP acceptance fee
    • Cost of airfare
    • There is also a $500 USD refundable deposit to JWRP
  • Be available for the trip. Travel Dates: April 30 – May 9, 2018



The following is a partial list of responsibilities handled by the Madrichot:

  • Form positive relationships with your fellow Madrichot, City Leader and Staff
  • Participate in Madricha Training with JWRP pre-trip
  • Assist with group introductions and supervisory responsibilities at the pre-trip meetings, at airports, during the flight, and in Israel for the duration of the trip
  • Contribute to the overall smooth flowing of the program, including taking responsibility for keeping the group together and on schedule
  • Assist with program rules being followed by all participants
  • Assist participants in following the program’s safety guidelines; identify situations where special medical attention is necessary and bring them to the attention of the City Leader
  • Meet as necessary with Madrichot, Staff and City Leader for de-briefing and updating
  • Ensure that the participants are forming a socially cohesive and inclusive group and bring attention to the City Leader any situations of social alienation
  • Be active in safety and social awareness by working with Staffing Team to walk in different parts of the group, sit in different areas of the bus, invite participants to spend free time with you, etc.
  • Always act as a role-model to participants
  • SMILE (…insert Staffing Team smile!)
  • Be prepared to be sleep deprived
  • Save private calls and emails until the end of the day whenever possible and encourage participants to do the same
  • Where necessary, wake up early to pray/daven or to have personal time
  • Madrichot may not yell at a participant of the program and should keep a calm and professional demeanor under all circumstances
  • Madrichot must lead by example; always being on time or even better early, dressed appropriately, and respecting the overall rules of the program
  • Madrichot must keep the health and safety of the participants in mind at all times. All issues surrounding health and safety must be reported immediately to the City Leader
  • Direct any questions, situations, concerns to the City Leader
  • Be available to be a shoulder of support
  • Be a provider of Kleenex, Gravol, Tylenol, etc.
  • Be a person who reminds participants to drink plenty of water, what to pack, items to remember, where the toilets are, be a mom to participants
  • Always have the schedule on hand and ready to act as an information center for all kinds of questions
  • Direct questions of Halacha to an appropriate staff whenever you are unsure
  • Participate in all activities with a positive attitude and encourage participants to do the same i.e. be the first to be up and dancing, save seats/tables, don’t complain about being tired/hot, NEVER let participants hear you complain!
  • Be a positive Ambassador for the JFO and JWRP
  • Keep track of participants room numbers and circulate to Staff and City Leader
  • Coordinate daily journal entries by participants in a group journal and circulate journal to group post-trip
  • Coordinate a compilation of participant bios to be circulated at first pre-trip meeting
  • Be an overall Cheerleader