Combatting Antisemitism
As Canadians, we are fortunate to live in one of the most free and tolerant countries in the world, with layers of institutional protection for minority and religious life. Yet, we still experience antisemitism.

Most people have no idea that Jews are, by far, the most targeted group for hate crimes in Canada. Yet Jews are consistently left out of anti-racism programs. These are examples of culturally embedded antisemitism that even people who pride themselves on being anti-racist are blind to. For a brief history of antisemitism in Canada, visit this entry at the Canadian Encyclopedia published by Dr. Irving Abella in December 2012.

If you experienced antisemitism, you are not alone. The Jewish Federation of Ottawa is committed to fighting antisemitism with you. 


• Report incidents of antisemitism here.

• Join Ottawa City Watch on Twitter for community discussion or information sharing.

• Become a Jewish Community Advocate
It is more important now than ever before to advocates for the Jewish community and for Israel. Jewish community advocates play a vital role in representing and advancing the interests, concerns, and well-being of the Jewish community. Help with letter writing, and communicating with various groups to ensure our community’s needs are heard. Please fill in this form to help us identify your area of interest and we will reach out to you with a toolkit to support you in these efforts.

• Antisemitism Resources 
Visit our Antisemitism Resources page for a video of the Q&A webinar on Community Safety and Security with Sgt Ali Toghrol and Attorney Lawrence Greenspon from 2023. The page also includes recommended reading, organizations, and a handout for parents of children facing peer situations.

• Right now, disinformation about Israel and Hamas is spreading on social media. It can be tempting to immediately comment on and/or share what we see online, but now, more than ever, it’s important for us to take the time to carefully assess what we’re reading and respond thoughtfully. Refer to this Guide for more information.

How does Federation fight anti-semitism in our community?

 • Federation works closely with the OCDSB at all levels: board trustees, senior board administration, board equity team, school principals, educators. We have consulted with Jewish parents and advocated for their concerns, whether on individual incidents or board-wide issues. We support the board regarding policies on religious accommodation, antisemitic harassment, Holocaust education, antisemitism education and Professional Development.

• To advocate for Jewish issues in Ottawa, Federation has built strong working relationships with the mayor and his team, city council, municipal staff, and Ottawa Police Services.

• Federation has supported Jewish students and staff at Ottawa and Carleton Universities and Algonquin College, and has advocated with these schools leadership on the danger posed by antisemitic speech on campus and in classrooms.

• Federation consults with Ottawa area MPs and MPPs to keep them informed on issues facing our community, to better represent our concerns.