A place for everyone

Every child deserves a chance to enjoy a Jewish education.

Jewish education plays a crucial role in the preservation and continuation of Jewish identity and culture. Through Jewish education, children can gain an understanding of our rich history and culture, as well as a sense of belonging to a larger community.

Moreover, Jewish education instills important values such as social justice (tikkun olam), kindness (chesed), and charity (tzedakah), which can shape individuals into well-rounded and ethical members of society.


We are here to help
– a tuition incentive


The Jewish Federation of Ottawa is proud to launch a two-year tuition incentive program to ensure Jewish education is accessible to everyone.

A place for everyone:

Here in Ottawa, we are proud to be home to five unique Jewish supplemental schools each dedicated to educating our children.


How it works:

In the first year, Federation covers $500 of the tuition; for the second year, Federation will cover $250 of the tuition.  


Who qualifies:

This incentive is for all families raising Jewish children and who are enrolling students for the first time in supplementary schools in the fall of 2023.


Chabad Hebrew School  

Chabad Hebrew School offers Junior Kindergarten to Grade 7 programs in a warm and lively Jewish atmosphere where children can attain a unique and exciting awareness of their Jewish identity, including learning mitzvot and Hebrew. More

Ottawa Modern Jewish School  (OMJS)

OMJS is a non-affiliated, supplemental school offering quality Jewish education for Kindergarten to Grade 7. It attracts a variety of families from the Ottawa Jewish community, including non-religious/affiliated and mixed-religious families. More

Ottawa Talmud Torah @ KBI  

Ottawa Talmud Torah @ KBI is dedicated to providing Ottawa families with a traditional and comprehensive Jewish educational experience with a community-minded program that is designed to instill students with a firm sense of pride in their Jewish identities while making our rich heritage relevant to today’s modern world. More

Temple Israel Religious School  

Temple Israel Religious School is a centre for Jewish learning from birth through Grade 10 and aims to provide a strong Jewish identity through the study of Jewish values and ethics, Torah, T’fillah (prayer), holidays, music, Israel, and Hebrew. More

Torah High 

Torah High offers programs for Grade 8 to high school students that celebrate Jewish life, culture, and tradition while creating powerful Jewish moments in a relaxed and joyful environment. Students choose how to express their unique Jewish identities while forming relationships with caring and compassionate teachers. More