“Pay it Forward” and help grow the PJ Program!


PJ Library Ottawa is an inclusive on-ramp for families who want to engage with community and bring Jewish education into their homes.  Since 2011, PJ has provided the gift of free Jewish books and music to more than 900 Ottawa children.


This is made possible through the generous donations of a local group of inspired donors and the support of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, all of whom want to see the Jewish community continue to thrive. 


As a beneficiary of this program, we now ask for your help to continue to grow PJ Library Ottawa.  


While the books and music are a free gift, each subscription for a child actually costs the Jewish Federation of Ottawa $67 CDN annually.  Therefore, we are fundraising for PJ Library and asking you to pay this program forward. Not every family has the means to give but every dollar makes a difference.  So we ask that you to “Pay it Forward” and assist us in growing the PJ Program.


If you have any questions about the program or your donation please contact Lindsay at lnewman@jewishottawa.com.


Thank you for your support.

Did you know? 
91% of PJ Parents surveyed identify the program as a valuable parenting tool
83% of PJ Parents surveyed are interested in getting more connected to local Jewish organizations, activities and/or people

By donating, you can help us ensure more young Jewish families in Ottawa can access PJ Library books and the program.