Jewish Jumpstart



Q: When can I apply?
A: Applications are open now and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Q: How does Federation determine membership price?
A: The subsidy is based on membership prices provided to Jewish Federation of Ottawa in fall 2018. The Jewish Jumpstart grant for synagogue membership is up to 75% in Year One and 50% in Year Two, with a minimum charge of $324 – a price that is just above the average cost of High Holiday tickets.  The Jewish Jumpstart grant for SJCC membership is up to 60% in Year One and 40% in Year Two.  For this program, the maximum membership price is $1800/year for a family membership. 


Q. Do I pay Federation or the synagogue/SJCC? 
A. You will apply to Federation for the Jewish Jumpstart grant, then as part of your acceptance agreement, Federation will connect to the synagogue/SJCC and you will complete your membership application (and pay your portion) with them. 

Q. Do I have to commit for two years?  
A. No. You do not have to commit to two years. However, we hope that you will feel welcome, and through Jewish Jumpstart see what Jewish Ottawa has to offer.  

Q. If I had an associate membership before, am I still eligible for Jewish Jumpstart?   
A. If you had an associate membership, or any type of membership in the last 3 years, you are not eligible for Jewish Jumpstart.  

Q. If I have an SJCC membership now, can I apply for a synagogue membership? 
A. Yes. And, vice-versa, as long as you meet eligibility requirements, and you have not been a member of a synagogue in Ottawa in the past three years. The goal is to encourage Jewish experiences, especially for those who have not yet connected to our community.  

Q. I’m new to Ottawa and am not sure where I’d feel comfortable/where I’d like to join. 
A. You can always find help at the Info Centre. Lindsay Gottheil can answer your questions and help guide you to organizations and services in the community:  You should also feel free to attend any of the synagogues in the community or visit the Soloway JCC to see what these organizations have to offer.  

Steps to follow

1) Check your eligibility
Eligibility for Jewish Jumpstart Synagogue 
This program is open to individuals and families who are not current members at a synagogue in Ottawa and have not been members in the past three years.  
Eligibility for Jewish Jumpstart SJCC 
This program is open to individuals and families who are not current members at the SJCC and have not been members in the past three years. 
2) Decide where you want to be a member:
Partner Synagogues: 
Need help? The Infocentre can help you learn about Jewish life in Ottawa. Contact Lindsay Gottheil, (613) 798-4696 ext. 355