Jewish Journeys

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Inspiring Jewish engagement for all ages in Ottawa’s Jewish community.

The Fund provides grants of up to $20,000 (over a maximum of 2 years) aimed at bringing more people onto Ottawa’s Jewish Superhighway through intense programming and outreach.  Both incorporated not-for-profits and local groups may apply to access funds that will enable them to deliver creative, exciting and engaging programming that contributes to the vibrancy of Jewish in Ottawa.  
Goals of the Fund 
Build Jewish identity through significant, sustained and meaningful Jewish experiences; appealing to those already engaged, somewhat engaged and to those not yet engaged.
Support organizations and groups to inspire Jewish engagement and affiliation for all ages through:
New and creative events, programs, and initiatives, facilitating new programs to grow through access to funding for a maximum of 2 years
Scaled-up successful programs/activities to increase their impact
Initiatives serving multiple Jewish demographics in Ottawa, along the target program themes: vulnerable, educational, cultural and religious
Federation’s Desired Return on Investment (ROI) 
The program can demonstrate that it meets at least one of the following criteria: fills an unmet need in the community; serves the community in a new way; addresses an under-served group in the community.
Minimum 15% of participants are new or relatively to your organization(s) (e.g., little or no previous involvement in the last 6 months)
Minimum 75% of participants have a positive experience (as reported by grantees who distribute a simple and standard Federation survey to participants)
Minimum 50% of participants in funded activity report that they now are more likely to participate in other Jewish community events/activities (as reported by grantees who distribute a simple and standard Federation survey to participants)
Two Streams of Funding 
I. Funding for non-incorporated groups: One-time grants of up to $5,000 are available to help groups (including those not legally registered as not-for-profit) scale up their activities. Funding is available for the following purposes:
To help scale up a program or organization previously funded by Microgrants, and able to demonstrate success in meeting engagement criteria for previous grants
To help emerging groups build their capacity and scale up their organizations
II. Funding for incorporated non-profits: Grants for local Jewish not-for-profit organizations are available for up to $20,000 in total, disbursed over a maximum of two years, with a limit of$15,000 of funding per year. Funding will be allocated using a flexible approach; the funds can be divided over the 2 years, noting the limit of up to $15,000 in a given year. The 2-year funding will be allocated using a flexible approach; option include a progressively decreasing funding model in which the amount decreases each year, or funding that scales up over time to help seed a program. 
Organizations may apply through this Fund for the same program up to a maximum of two times, and may apply for only one program per funding cycle. 
Funding is available for the following purposes: 
To support new programs that offer deep-dives into Jewish learning and Jewish communal life.
To improve on a program piloted through Microgrants; seeking to improve and/or expand the program and continue to build up client base.
Legacy Program Funding recipients can apply for this funding stream, but only for new programs/initiatives.
Eligibility requirements to be considered for funding 
Applications will only be accepted for consideration, if the following prerequisites are met and agreed to: 
The program fits with Federation’s mission: to advance and promote an exceptional quality of Jewish life; and its vision: a thriving Ottawa Jewish community that is inclusive, accessible, educated and engaged.
Through sustained activity, applications have the ability to build affiliation and Jewish identity; engaging more people in Jewish life – thus increasing traffic on the Jewish Superhighway.
Funded group and organizations agree:
To administer necessary survey and/or reporting requirements
To guidelines re: Federation logo and promotion as a funder, etc.
Funded groups and organizations accept funding with the full understanding:
The group/organization will be responsible for all future program costs once the Jewish Journeys funding time-frame has ended.
For multi-year funding, after the first year of funding, in order to maintain eligibility (if appropriate by all other measures), applicants must demonstrate ongoing success in meeting the Fund’s goals and criteria.
Evaluation Criteria 
A committee will rank applications on the following criteria:
Event/activity has the potential to appeal to those who are less engaged in Jewish life
The experience will be meaningful and impactful for participants
The experience offered fills a gap and/or directly appeals to an under-served population
The experience offered is done in direct partnership with another organization and/or is synergistic with the works of others in the community
Efficacy of action plan (clear work-plan and time lines; accurate budget projection; strong case for the initiative; ability to meet eligibility requirements) 
Clarity that the funding will be used to:
Pilot new and creative events, programs and initiatives; or
Scale up successful programs/activities to increase their impact in the community

When can we apply? 

Apply by submitting an application through our grants platform: 
For more information, please contact Anne Read, Director of Community Collaboration at