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The Jewish Federation of Ottawa is proud to fund new and creative initiatives that contribute to a vibrant Jewish life in our community. Jewish Experience MicroGRANTS support organizations and individuals to: 

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• Build affinity and Jewish identity 

• Inspire Jewish opportunities for engagement (cultural, social, recreational, religious)
• Increase Jewish communal reach across the National Capital Region

To honour the legacy of Rabbi Reuven Bulka, Z"L, we are calling on our community to actively make the world a better place, by bringing more acts of kindness into our community. 

Need funds to get your idea off the ground? Apply for a MicroGRANT and receive up to $2,500 ($1,800 for technology needs) to help create initiatives that build affinity, actualize tikkun olam, and engage more people in Jewish life in Ottawa.

Do you have a new and creative idea to connect people, actualize tikkun olam, and engage more people in Jewish life in Ottawa?

Any organization or individual may apply for up to $2,500 ($1,800 for technology ask) in funding for local events, activities and programs.

Apply today!

To be considered, an account must be created and applications must be completed and submitted using our online platform. (Here is a sample application)
Please follow these simple steps to start your application:
Step 2: You will receive link to confirm your email address, please click on it to activate your access
Step 3: Select the type of grant you would like to apply for (in this case Microgrants)
Step 4: Fill out application and submit

Got a great idea for a MicroGRANT?

Have a good idea, but want to make it great?

Contact: Anne Read