Federation Program Funding


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s new with Federation’s program funding?


•    The timing of the funding process has been altered so that agencies learn about whether or not they will receive funding, and the estimated amount they will receive, at least 5 months prior to the start of funding on July 1. The amount of funding will be confirmed in May once Federation’s budget is approved by the Board. The amount of funding will be confirmed in May once Federation’s budget is approved by the Board.This will address the need of agencies to learn about funding decisions in a more timely manner so they can better plan for the coming fiscal year.


•    Program funding will be conditional on agencies meeting or working to meet standards laid out in a new Good Governance Checklist. As a funder and partner of local Jewish agencies, Federation has a vital interest in ensuring that they remain strong. The focus on governance will help agencies understand the tools and procedures needed to strengthen their organizations from within.


•    Changes to the annual reporting requirements mean that funded agencies will be required to provide not only measurable indicators of success, but also comparative information to demonstrate continued growth and/or effectiveness of their funded programs over time (was the program well received or did the program change participant’s behaviour over time?).  More focus will be placed on program evaluation, not only on quantitative metrics (i.e. number of participants) but also on the impact of participation.


•    All organizations applying for funding to run programs that strengthen Jewish identity apply for funding from one envelope, the “Strengthening Community Envelope”.  The “Religious Outreach Envelope” has been eliminated. This is not a reduction in the amount of funding available. Programs that seek to assist vulnerable populations will continue to be able to apply for funding from the “Assisting the Vulnerable Envelope”.


•    Improved transparency: In the event that funding is not awarded to an applicant agency, Federation will share with the agency in question the reason(s) why it was not granted funding.


Which organizations are eligible to apply for program funding?


Applicant organizations must:
•    Be a member of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa.  Local Jewish organizations can apply to become a member if they have been in existence for more than one year and hold at least one meeting a year.  
•    Be recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as a not-for-profit organization.
•    Provide programs that benefit residents of the Jewish community in Ottawa and surrounding areas.
•    Agree to accept the obligations and conditions outlined below.
•    Have, at the bare minimum, a Board of Directors or an administrative board with more than 3 directors or members.
•    Hold an Annual General Meeting.


What kinds of programs receive funding?


Funding priorities are framed in the following “envelopes”:


Assisting the Vulnerable Envelope
This envelope provides grants for ongoing programs by or in partnership with organizations whose main beneficiaries are vulnerable members of the Jewish community.  Grants in this envelope assist:
•    Individuals who need financial assistance due to insufficient income or unemployment
•    Individuals who require counseling and support
•    Disabled individuals- whether their disability is physical, developmental, or psychiatric
•    Seniors who are in need of assistance with daily tasks or financial assistance
•    Immigrants in need of services to help them make the transition to Jewish life in Canada


Strengthening Community Envelope

This envelope provides grants for ongoing Jewish cultural, social, recreational and educational programs serving a broad range of beneficiaries. Priorities in this envelope include:
•    Jewish identity- Culture, Education, Recreation, Israel trips etc.
•    Community Leadership and Volunteer Development
•    Outreach to less affiliated and unaffiliated segments of the community
•    Defending Jewish Community and Human Rights - Advocacy, Media etc.


How are programs evaluated?


The following criteria are considered:

1.    Program fit with Federation priorities:
•    The program helps Federation fulfill its mission of Building Community, Helping the Vulnerable, Educating Jewishly and Supporting Israel.  
•    The program helps Federation meet the objectives laid out in its Strategic Plan (2014-2019).
•    The applicant organization has a mission and vision that is in line with the Federation’s mission and vision.

2.    Program design and management:
•    The program budget is realistic and the organization has a track record of good financial management and of controlling costs.
•    The program has clear objectives and the organization can demonstrate specific, measurable and attainable objectives.
•    The organization has clear and practical plans to assess the impact and expected outcomes of the program.
•    The program is viable based on its plan for implementation and can sustain itself with additional sources of income beyond that of the Federation.
•    The organization running the program is amenable to collaborating with other organizations in order to make the best use of community dollars.


3.    Program impact:
•    The program provides “bang for the buck” and its impact is in line with the amount of funding being requested (recognizing that certain programs and services cost more to deliver than others).
•    The program or service meets an ongoing and documented community need.
•    It is a service that is not already being offered by other agencies in the community.
•    The program is of interest to and inclusive of all parts of the community, not just “members”. The program will actively seek to engage a broad cross-section of the community.
•    If a program has been previously funded, to what extent has the organization been able to deliver the program with that amount of funding? What are the positive results from the previous year of funding?


Funding Limitation
Federation provides grants to support programs and will not provide grants to support fundraising events.


How are funding decisions made?


Federation’s Grants and Evaluation Committee reviews applications for funding and brings recommendations for funding to the Federation Board.  The Board makes the final funding decisions.

During the review of the applications, the Grants and Evaluation Committee meets with one or two representatives from each organization that submits an application for funding.  During these meetings, representatives have the opportunity to provide further details about their program and to answer any questions committee members might have.

What are the obligations of funded organizations?


Federation acknowledges that other regulations and guidelines may be imposed on different organizations from outside the Jewish community and that these rules may supersede some of the commitments outlined here.


Federation Recognition

1. Participate actively in promoting the success of Federation’s fundraising and other activities. Encourage and enlist the participation of its constituency and members in activities such as the Annual Campaign Telethon, Campaign kick-off, Mitzvah Day and other Federation events.

2. Include an appeal to support the Federation Annual Campaign in the organization’s communication material at least once a year.

3. Where appropriate, mention the relationship to Federation and/or place the Federation logo on communications materials (including letterhead, web sites, mail solicitation, brochures, newsletters, flyers, folders, etc.)                        

4. Include mention of Federation’s financial support in public communications regarding service delivery, where appropriate.



1. Provide program evaluations, survey results of clients/participants, audited financial statements, other financial and statistical reports as requested.  Provision of grants for each program is conditional on the completion of Federation program evaluation reports.

2. Advise Federation immediately of any major organizational changes (governance, service, program or funding changes), which affect services supported by the Federation allocation or the financial viability of the organization.

3. Cooperate with Federation and other local Jewish organizations on addressing broad community issues and challenges that go beyond the scope of any one agency.


Community Building

1. Use the Community Calendar that is on Federation’s website as a tool for scheduling community events and agree to respect other organization by making an effort not to hold competing events at the same time. Once submitted at www.jewishottawa.com, Federation will promote the event through our website, e-newsletter, social media channels, and Ottawa Jewish Bulletin.

2. Ask that the organization’s senior professional participate in the Executive Director’s Forum or other initiatives which encourage greater cooperation and coordination among and between organizations that are a part of the Jewish community.  

3. Acknowledge that payment of funds granted to the organization may be subject to reduction or cancelation, in whole or in part, if the organization fails to carry out its activities, in whole or in part, as represented at the time of the request for funds.  Decisions to alter funding will be made in consultation with the organization and will be considered as a last resort.  


How does an organization apply for program funding?


Complete the application form here.
The next round of applications for program funding begins in August of 2017. More information coming soon.

What if I have questions or need assistance in completing the application?


We can help you through the process!
To speak with someone about your program idea, or for assistance in completing the Application Form, please contact Scott Goldstein, Director of Community Collaboration at 613-798-4696, ext. 200, or sgoldstein@jewishottawa.com.

An information session will be offered to agencies wishing to receive more details about the application forms and the process. The date will be determined soon.


How and when will we be notified of funding decisions?


As soon as the grants are approved by the Board in January, organizations are notified through letters.

New this year, in the event that funding is not awarded, Federation will share with the organization in question the reason(s) why it was not granted funding. If further feedback is required on specific funding rationale, an appointment can be made with Scott Goldstein, Director of Community Collaboration, at 613-798-4696, ext. 200, or sgoldstein@jewishottawa.com.  

There is no appeals process apart from the possibility of supplemental funding becoming available in the future.


How and when are grants disbursed?


All grants are distributed monthly, beginning July of the new fiscal year. If other arrangements are needed, special provisions may possible through Federation’s Finance Department.