Impact of antisemitism workshop:

“Really, really well done! I really needed this after seeing all of the hate and misinformation on Instagram. This workshop gave me the opportunity to tie everything I’ve been researching together. Thank you again!”

• Teen participant

“Thanks so much for this, it was very helpful for my kids and sparked good discussion afterward.”

• Parent participant


The landscape in Canada is shifting. Without new tools to push back against antisemitism, the threat to our community will only grow. With your support, we are empowering our community in schools, on university campuses and online to move from defence to offence. 

Federation is here to provide security with matching grants as part of the Security Infrastructure Program (SIP). In the past year, Federation provided $50,000 in matching SIP grants to help three community agencies enhance their security.

Led by our our dedicated advocacy specialist, this past year Federation held a hands-on antisemitism workshop with resources for young people. Other education initiatives, supported by our Shoah Committee and such community partners as the Centre for Holocaust Education and Scholarship (CHES) included specialized programming to teach about the legacy of the Holocaust in the broader Ottawa community with an exhibit that was accessed by more than 500 public school students.

A gift to the Annual Campaign provides the training, tools, and resources needed to keep Jewish Ottawa vibrant and safe.