Allocations and Funding Process

The Jewish Federation of Ottawa allocates more than $2 million annually to Jewish Ottawa with the goal of creating exceptional quality of life and meaningful Jewish experiences for all.

Through these regular annual allocations, and strategic purposeful grants, Federation ensures a thriving Jewish community that is welcoming, inclusive, accessible, educated and engaged.

Federation Grants and Allocations

Regular Allocations (more information here)

Federation funds organizations that play a specific foundational role in our community. Recipients of regular allocations are bound by compliance terms set out in funding agreements. They meet annually with Federation’s leadership and the Grants & Allocations Committee for review.

Allocations are not open to applicants.

Strategic Funding (more information here)

Federation offers many opportunities for local Jewish organizations to access funding for pilot projects, community engagement programs, organizational capacity building, security funding, and initiatives for our community’s most vulnerable populations.

Strategic funding streams are open to applicants on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Allocation Process

The Grants & Allocations Committee represents a cross-section of our community. They meet with funded partners and schools annually to gain knowledge about our community needs, provide oversight on funding, and build relationships. The committee also assesses and discusses areas for collaboration and community-wide benefit.

Step 1 - Application
Local organizations apply for funding. They submit information on who they serve, their impact and outcomes, goals, budgets and financial statements.

Step 2 - Review
The Grants and Evaluations Committee evaluates each application and conducts interviews to learn more. They prioritze needs, and make a recommendation for funding to the Federation Board.

Step 3 - Approval
The Federation Board makes final funding decisions.

Step 4 - Funding Agreement
Successful applicants receive funding based on Campaign success and the applicant's meeting their goals.

Step 5 - Oversight
Organizations provide Impact Reports for review. Through interviews and/or site visits Federation works with funded partners to understand challenges, goals and opportunities for community collaboration.

Through our partners, Federation is committed to

• Build Community

• Help the Vulnerable

• Educate Jewishly

• Support Israel

For more information, please contact
Director of Community Collaboration
Anne Read at