Passage to Sweden - Biographies


Filmmaker: Suzannah Warlick is the owner of Bubble Soup Productions. She films, edits, and produces on a freelance basis. She is truly an independent filmmaker from start to finish and wears many different hats in the making of and distributing her own films. Her previous documentaries include The Queen's Court, Supporting Actors, and Match & Marry. 

She is on a mission to have as many people watch and learn from Passage To Sweden as possible. Suzannah's love of documentaries and independent films led her to create and develop the CBS Film Series in Santa Clarita, CA, where she curates, promotes, and screens independent films for the community.  


Film narrator: Chana Sharfstein - Noted author, educator, lecturer, and tour guide raised and educated in Stockholm, Sweden.  

Chana is a retired member of the NYC Board of Education and is currently a docent at the Museum of Jewish Heritage and at the Center for Jewish History. For 25 years she served as president of Scandinavia Trio Tours conducting kosher tours to Scandinavia.