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November 1
7:30 pm
The Zelikovitz Centre will be hosting a Sigd program to learn more about Ethiopian Jewry in Israel and the Diaspora. Speakers will be Yoni Belete, communications professional with No Silence on Race, and Rabbi Dr Shalom, writer and lecturer (Bar Ilan University). 
Email here to get the Zoom link and passcode. 
November 4
7:30 pm 
Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies and the Azrieli Foundation offer a book launch webinar of the memoir Escape from the Edge, a Holocaust Survivor story by Dr Morris Schnitzer, z"l. This event is a joint effort as part of Ottawa's Holocaust Education Month. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. more
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November 8
8 pm
The Shoah Committee of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa invites you to join us for a narrated, virtual tour of  the exhibit Stars Without a Heaven – Children of Holocaust, with special guest, the preeminent visual storyteller, Yad VaShem. This exhibition is dedicated to the unique stories of children during the Holocaust. During a period when Jewish communities underwent social and familial upheaval, children living in this reality essentially lost their childhood. The drawings, poems, letters and toys displayed in this exhibition demonstrate the unique capacity of children to hold on to the forces of life, creativity, imagination, and optimism, despite facing dire circumstances.
A mobile printed exhibit of Stars Without a Heaven will be showcased at the Greenberg Families Library from November 1 - 8, and, in collaboration with CHES, the exhibit will circulate in local Ottawa high schools throughout November.
November 9
7 - 8:30 pm
CHES presents "All in the Telling" an evening with acclaimed Canadian actor, Saul Rubinek in commemoration of Kristallnacht.
Mr Rubinek’s presentation will focus on how delving into and re-telling the story of his parents’ survival during the Holocaust in Poland affected three generations of his family. He has recently completed a play about the many strands of this story and will perform excerpts from it. In lieu of tickets, a donation of $25 is gratefully accepted. 
This is a virtual event via Zoom.
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November 14
7 - 8:30 pm
CHES presents Shadow of the Holocaust on Decendants of Survivors, with keynote speaker Helen Epstein who has pioneered work on the inter-generational transmission of trauma and paved the way for hundreds of works by second-generation writers, artists and researchers and has been widely translated. This virtual symposium is geared towards children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors but all members of the public are welcome. In lieu of tickets, a donation of $18 is gratefully accepted.
November 17
7:30 pm
Professor Susannah Heschel on antisemitism in cooperation with the Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies. More info here.
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November 20
7 pm – film screening;
8 pm – live Q&A 
The Shoah Committee of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa invites you to a virtual screening of the 2021 award-winning documentary Passage to Sweden and live Q&A with filmmaker Suzannah Warlick, and film narrator Chana Sharfstein. 
Passage to Sweden is a compelling story of the events occurring in Scandinavia and Budapest during the Second World War. Defying the occupying German forces, and protecting fellow citizens, spontaneous and dramatic rescue operations were conducted to save thousands of Jewish lives. Ordinary people took extraordinary actions at the risk of their own safety. Their selfless acts of courage and compassion is a powerful example of how anyone can make a difference even during the darkest of times.
This event is brought to you in partnership with the Greenberg Families Library and the Melton School of the Soloway Jewish Community Centre.
Film Trailer
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November 24
4 - 8 pm
CHES offers a virtual workshop for teachers, Voices of the Holocaust, Inspiring Change Through LegacyBased on the testimonies of Ottawa area Holocaust survivors recorded by CHES in 2016. The proposed program will promote an understanding of current issues involving discrimination, racism, and antisemitism, and encourage equity and diversity in schools and in our global community.
This workshop has been made possible through the generosity of the Congregation Beth Shalom Legacy Fund Committee.


Witnessess to History, Keepers of Memory: Portraits of Montreal’s Holocaust Survivors 
To celebrate the exceptional contribution of these witnesses to history and keepers of memory, a photography project was launched in 2019. The Museum’s Commemoration and Oral History Coordinator, Eszter Andor, and Photographer Stéphanie Cousineau were given the mission to meet with thirty survivors in the privacy of their own homes.
Host: Montreal Holocaust Museum

Ports of Exile, Home Harbours: Elbeuf, Marseille, Montreal 
Jewish Fates During the Second World War
Host: Montreal Holocaust Museum

New Lives
After the Holocaust, Canada became home to over 35,000 Jewish refugees. What challenges did survivors face when they arrived? Where in Canada did they settle, and who helped them find a new home, work and education? Learn about this unique history through a collection of video testimonies recorded by archives and Holocaust education organizations throughout the country. Through personal accounts, itineraries, and photographs, explore key dates of immigration, before, during and after the Second World War.
Host: Montreal Holocaust Museum

Ottawa Holocaust Survivors Testimonials
Recorded testimonials of Ottawa Holocaust Survivors
Host: Centre for Holocaust Education (CHES)

Topography of Violence: Antisemitic Violence in Germany 1930-1938
Jews, Jewish institutions, and Jewish-owned firms and stores in the German Reich were subjected to increasing violence long before 9 November 1938. The visualization on this website presents information about the dates and locations of many different acts of violence that took place between 1930 and 1938.
Host: Judisches Museum Berlin