2022 Community Calendar - events are listed vertically by date

November 10 
at 7 pm 
The Ravine: A Family, a Photograph, a Holocaust Massacre Revealed.  

CHES HEM Launch event - Kristallnacht Commemoration with Dr. Wendy Lower. In 2009, a librarian at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum handed Dr. Lower a photo that would lead her on a 10-year investigative journey. The result was her book, The Ravine, which provides unique contributions to the understanding of the Holocaust, the role of collaborators, and photographic documentation.
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November 13
2 pm (Virtual) 

Inspired by Correspondence – Letters that Survived 
CHES presents renowned Holocaust historian and author, Dr. Deborah Dwork and trailblazing writer Rachael Cerrotti, who is currently the inaugural storyteller in residence for USC Shoah Foundation.  They will discuss how family letters inspire and inform their recent works. 
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November 15
7 pm 

Life and Legacies XVI presents: Yiddish Glory the Lost Songs of World War II 
Carleton Dominion Chalmers Centre, 355 Cooper St.  
Lecture & Concert Event: Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Psoy Korolenko (Dartmouth) and historian Anna Shternshis (University of Toronto) bring to life long-lost Yiddish songs of the Second World War in this concert and lecture program. Partners: Carleton University, Max and Tessie Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies, CHES, Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University, Vered, Jewish Canadian Studies Program.
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November 16
7 pm (Virtual)
“Pink Triangle Legacies” Book Talk with Dr. Jake Newsome

The Jewish Federation of Ottawa's Shoah Committee showcases "Pink Triangle Legacies: Coming out of the Shadows of the Holocaust," by Dr. Jake Newsome. This crucial work charts the historical transformation of the pink triangle from a symbol in Nazi concentration camps to an emblem of queer liberation and pride and gives voice to the experiences of LGBTQ+ Holocaust survivors.
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November 17
5 pm – 6:30 pm (Virtual)
Creating Safe Spaces: Navigating the Language of Antisemitism and Hate 
CHES hosts its annual Teachers’ Workshop for educators in all Ottawa school boards and throughout Ontario free of charge. Back by popular demand, Avi Posen of Unpacked for Educators will host and facilitate the workshop, which will examine the facts and language of antisemitism and suggest ways for teachers to recognize discrimination. Register here.
November 17
7 - 8:30 pm
Memory and the Holocaust: Remembering through Survivors and Public Sources
Until recently, much of our ""memory" of the Holocaust came from survivors who talked about their experiences in public forums and elsewhere. As the number of survivors declines we have to think about new ways of keeping the memory alive. Some of this comes from movies and television (which are not always accurate) and recorded interviews held in places like the Shoah Foundation. Zoom event.

November 24
7 pm, (Virtual)
Hear our Voices/ Écoutez nos Voix 
The Max and Tessie Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies
presents a bilingual online course that uses the voices of Holocaust survivors to educate students on the Holocaust and Antisemitism. Please register to receive your link to the Zoom meeting via email here. 
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December 3
9 am

Jewish Walking Tour of Berlin
The Holocaust is the most painful part of German history and must never be forgotten, nor denied (Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of the Federal Republic of Germany).

The German Embassy in Ottawa is taking part in this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Month with virtual Jewish walking tour of Berlin. The virtual tours are live and free of charge. 
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Witnessess to History, Keepers of Memory: Portraits of Montreal’s Holocaust Survivors 
To celebrate the exceptional contribution of these witnesses to history and keepers of memory, a photography project was launched in 2019. The Museum’s Commemoration and Oral History Coordinator, Eszter Andor, and Photographer Stéphanie Cousineau were given the mission to meet with thirty survivors in the privacy of their own homes.
Host: Montreal Holocaust Museum


Ports of Exile, Home Harbours: Elbeuf, Marseille, Montreal 
Jewish Fates During the Second World War
Host: Montreal Holocaust Museum

New Lives
After the Holocaust, Canada became home to over 35,000 Jewish refugees. What challenges did survivors face when they arrived? Where in Canada did they settle, and who helped them find a new home, work and education? Learn about this unique history through a collection of video testimonies recorded by archives and Holocaust education organizations throughout the country. Through personal accounts, itineraries, and photographs, explore key dates of immigration, before, during and after the Second World War.
Host: Montreal Holocaust Museum

Ottawa Holocaust Survivors Testimonials
Recorded testimonials of Ottawa Holocaust Survivors
Host: Centre for Holocaust Education (CHES)

Access: https://chesatottawa.ca/ottawa-holocaust-survivors-testimonials-full-length/

Topography of Violence: Antisemitic Violence in Germany 1930-1938
Jews, Jewish institutions, and Jewish-owned firms and stores in the German Reich were subjected to increasing violence long before 9 November 1938. The visualization on this website presents information about the dates and locations of many different acts of violence that took place between 1930 and 1938.
Host: Judisches Museum Berlin