Dec. 5, 2023

Yesterday, an awe-inspiring gathering of 20,000 members of our Jewish family met at the heart of Ottawa on Parliament Hill, as Canada's Rally for the People of Israel unfolded. From coast to coast, we united for the sake of the hostages, for our family in Israel, and for the safety of Jewish Canadians.


This rally in our nation's capital wasn't just a demonstration; it was a historic display of our collective resilience. In the face of the alarming rise of antisemitism on our streets, campuses, and online, we stood unwavering. We refuse to be intimidated. Together, we sent an unmistakable, forceful, and united message — denouncing antisemitism, condemning the terror inflicted by Hamas, and standing firmly in support of Israel.


Our heartfelt gratitude extends to all who physically and virtually joined us for this extraordinary and unprecedented event. Special thanks to our invaluable partners and allies, including the Federations of Montreal and Toronto, our advocacy agent CIJA, local Jewish organizations, and the dedicated grassroots volunteers whose tireless efforts made this event successful.

We express deep appreciation to the eloquent speakers and our non-Jewish allies who stood up to champion our community and Israel during this challenging period.


Thank you to those who braved the weather and brought their exceptional energy to the rally. Your presence made this a truly unforgettable occasion.

Relive the passion and power of the rally by watching the recording, and don't miss the photos capturing the essence of the event on our Photo Gallery page. (Please note that the recording may need to be manually advanced; speakers appear around the 45-minute mark.)


If you haven't already, take a moment to send a resounding message to Prime Minister Trudeau and the Government of Canada. Clarify that the issue is Hamas, not Israel, and express your support for Israelis in their fight against terror. Send your email through CIJA by clicking here


Thank you once again for your unwavering solidarity and support. Please continue to advocate for the hostages, for Jews everywhere, and for our brothers and sisters in Israel. Keep raising your voices, and let our unity be an unyielding force for good.


Am Yisrael Chai!


December 4, 2023 - Parliament Hill Speakers included:

Anthony Housefather, Liberal Member of Parliament • Ashager Araro, Influencer, Zionist, and Founder

Lizzy Savetsky, Digital Influencer / Jonathan Elkhoury, Speaker, Columnist, and Media & Public Diplomacy Adviser

Melissa Lantsman, Conservative Member of Parliament / Rex Murphy, Commentator and Writer


3 minute compilation