Emerging Generation Campaign co-chairs for 2020-2021

Jodi Weinstein & Adam Zaret 

Jodi and Adam are pleased to be the co-chairs of the Emerging Generation Division of this year’s annual campaign in order to play a small role in furthering the power of the community during these challenging times.
Originally from Montreal, Jodi moved to Ottawa last year for Adam (shocking, we know!) when the two of them decided that Ottawa provided them with the community they were looking for as they married and started to build a home. While still and always a Montrealer at heart, Jodi has a personal appreciation for the impact of the Ottawa Jewish Community having spent many summers at CBB of Ottawa as both a camper and staff member. Prior to moving to Ottawa, Jodi sat on the organizing committee for an annual fundraising gala for the Montreal Chapter of the Israeli Cancer Research Fund. Jodi has a background in hospitality, event planning and operations management. Currently, she operates her own home organizing and staging business. In her free time, Jodi can be found in her garden (her new covid obsession!), playing tennis, running or crafting.
Adam is a 3rd generation member of the Ottawa Jewish Community. While Adam initially anticipated he and Jodi would settle in Montreal, he quickly recognized that Ottawa gave him and Jodi everything they were looking for both in terms of lifestyle and community. Adam has grown up in and around the Jewish Community of Ottawa and has been taught the value of community from his parents Debi and Neil, both longstanding community volunteers. Adam recently joined his family’s real estate development and investment firm having previously practiced in real estate finance for 8 years. Adam is also the current chair of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa’s annual golf tournament, a marquee event in the JFO’s fundraising cycle. Outside of work and community, Adam can be found cooking whatever Jodi grows in her covid garden, cycling, skiing or planning the restaurant itinerary of Jodi and Adam’s next trips, whenever that might be!

Jonathon Greenberg & Elyssa Nassi

Jonathon moved to Ottawa five years ago for graduate school at the University of Ottawa and fell in love with the city and its vibrant Jewish community. Over the past few years, he has committed himself to helping create young leaders within Jewish Ottawa through his involvement in Emerging Generation. Jonathon was born and raised in Montreal and got his passion for Jewish community life from his parents and grandparents who taught him that the most important things in life are family and community. Jonathon is currently a member of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa’s Grants and Evaluation committee, the Emerging Generation Steering Committee, CIJA’s Young Leaders Circle, the World Jewish Congress’ Jewish Diplomatic Corps, as well as a proud member of Congregation Machzikei Hadas. Jonathon works for the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission.
Elyssa moved to Ottawa four years ago. For two of those years she was a high school English teacher in Gatineau before beginning her career in the Public Service. She fell in love with Ottawa and came to love the compassion and caring that characterizes Jewish Ottawa. Elyssa’s passion for community volunteering stems from her grandfather’s experiences as a Holocaust survivor and her deep love of her Sephardic heritage. In being involved in the Jewish community, Elyssa hopes to reinforce the core Jewish value of helping the less fortunate. When Elyssa is not helping to administer COVID-19 funding as an employee of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, she is an active member of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa’s Shoah programming committee, the Emerging Generation Steering Committee, as well as a proud member of Congregation Machzikei Hadas.