Emerging Generation

The Emerging Gen (or "EG") is a special division of the Federation aimed at young adults under 40.


We develop exciting and innovative programs that allow young people to meet and mingle and develop their professional contacts. There are social events, workshops to hone skills and to network, mentorships, grant programs, and much more.

Meet the Campaign Co-chairs of the Emerging Gen

We are honoured to introduce ourselves as the Emerging Generation (EG) campaign co-chairs for 2022- 2023. As co-chairs we hope to inspire you to increase your involvement in Jewish Ottawa, and to take on leadership roles within the community.

Our profession is our day job but strengthening the Jewish community is our passion. Without the support of our peers, our community cannot, and will not, survive. We would be thrilled to connect with any community member individually. Feel free to reach out to us through Sarah Beutel with feedback or questions.


Jared Jenicek,
Samantha Sigler and Shlomi Barshan

Get to know us on our bio page.

Jewish Experience MicroGRANTs are available!

Do you have a great idea that brings people in the Ottawa Jewish community together?
Does your idea connect people, meet a unique need, or fill a gap in our Jewish community?
Get $2,500 to make it happen!
What are MicroGRANTs?
These new grants of up to $2,500 are the seed money to help individuals or organizations fuel their Jewish ideas. Thanks to your generous donations to the Annual Campaign, Jewish Experience MicroGRANTs are now available as part of the Jewish Superhighway!
Federation will provide grants to fund ideas that create events & activities that build affiliation & inspire Jewish identity! We want to help you create your Jewish journey!

For more information, examples of past projects in the community and how to apply, visit here.

Emerging Generation Fundraising Division
For just 50 cents a day, you can help support exciting and innovative young adult programs and campus life through Hillel Ottawa. Make a difference in our community.  DONATE