Jewish Education in Ottawa

From elementary schools to after-school and weekend programs, when it comes to Jewish education in Ottawa, there is a place for everyone!

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Day Schools


Sunday and After School Jewish Programs (Supplementary School)



Why choose Jewish education for my child?

Jewish Values. Learn and live Jewish concepts such as tikkun olam (repairing the world), chesed (loving- kindness) and tzedakah (charity and righteousness). Jewish education fosters a Jewish values system and helps children develop a strong Jewish identity.

Jewish friends & community. Connect to an extensive and supportive peer community. Connect your family in a most meaningful way.

More celebrations! Have fun celebrating and embracing Jewish life while learning about the joyful aspects of being Jewish.

Jewish literacy. Exposure to Jewish history, Hebrew language, Jewish tradition, beliefs and practices and more.

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Jewish Online Learning

A variety of educational resources for pre-school, elementary and high school students to help teach, entertain and support children who are learning from home.



Excellence in education is a priority of Jewish Ottawa.
From 2005-2019, our community celebrated our outstanding teachers and educators through the Harold Grinspoon Education Award. 
2005    Chana Hayes - Cheder Rambam
2005    Deborah Teitelbaum - Torah Academy
2006    Rabbi Shmuel Dov Yarmush - Torah Academy
2007    Rabbi Yehuda Simes - Hillel Academy
2008    Shaya Rodal - Yitzhak Rabin High
2009    Rabbi Howard Finkelstein - Yitzhak Rabin High
2011    Sheli Braun - Ottawa Jewish Community School
2013    Dina Blum - Chabad Hebrew School
            (Ottawa Torah Centre)
2015    Erin Gailor - Westboro Jewish Montessori Preschool
            (Jewish Youth Library)
2017    Gaby Scarowsky - NCSY and Torah High
2019    Ranit Braun - Temple Israel Religious School