8 2022


9 2022

YK Shabbaton with Machzikei Hadas

7:00PM - 10:00PM  

Congregation Machzikei Hadas 2310 Virginia Dr.
Ottawa, K1H 6S

Contact Sierra Cwinn

$ Cost $ 80.00

JET's 2022 Yarchei Kallah: Weeklong Extravaganza wraps up with a bang! Join us and Rabbi Dr. Alexander Seinfeld for a Shabbaton weekend with Congregation Machzikei Hadas. We are so excited to partner with CMH for this dynamic and delicious Shabbaton.

Friday Night (catered by CKC): The Art of Amazing Relationships
Shabbat Day: True Freedom Turning Good Intentions into Lasting Change
Shabbat Afternoon: “Tastes Like a Squirrel Head, if You’ve ever Had That!”

The JET Yarchei Kallah is modeled after the description of the Yarchei Kallah in the Talmud. In the two months of the year (Elul and Adar) when agricultural activity was less demanding, Jews would take the opportunity to return to the study halls to reinvigorate their Torah knowledge, thus strengthening their ties to Judaism. The word Kallah means assembly; Yarchei means month; hence the term refers to those months when they would assemble to study Torah.