6 2022

Yallah! Virtually Tour Israel


ILANA Albert-Novick 205-11 Nadolny Sachs Pvt
Ottawa, ON K2A 1R9
6137982411 ottawa@jnf.ca

Contact ILANA Albert-Novick

$ Cost $ 36.00

Yallah! is a virtual tour through Israel.

How it works?
Participants can run, bike, walk, skate/roll, swim, row/dragon-boat or yoga! Activities are logged onto a virtual platform and participants watch themselves move “virtually” along the map of Israel.

Any activity counts, even the stationary machines (at home or at your gym!).
Exercise is converted into distance and your virtual progress is tracked along the route.
People REGISTER on their own (a great program for gym members and/or group of friends) or SPONSOR an existing participant.

The overall idea is to encourage people to get active and moving (whatever, however much, they can and want to do) over the summer, until Septmber 21.

To register or for more information visit https://jnf.ca/yallah/.