25 2021

Where in the World is Purim 2021

6:00PM - 9:00PM  

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6:00 PM - Join us for the Megilla Reading. Prizes will be rewarded for: Best Zoom Background - Best Family Costume - Best Individual Costume - Most Creative Gragger

8:00 PM - A World Wide Scavenger Hunt! Clues from international guests will lead you to solve the puzzle and find the missing Haman! There are 3 ways to play this very-Covid Purim Game. 1. Join a team: get in on the action and solve the game. 2. Play on Facebook: join the conversation on Facebook and play from there. 3. Watch Live: watch it all unfold as the teams fight to win at www.facebook.com/kehillatbethisrael.

Register today at www.kehillatbethisrael.com/purim-2021