15 2023

Were Our Sages Prudes?

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

Or Haneshamah Ottawa's Reconstructionist Community 30 Cleary Ave.
Ottawa, ON K2A 3Z9
6132394988 info@orh.ca

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Shir ha Shirim is an intensely sensual and erotic text, read on Shabbat during Passover. The words of a poetic translation such as Marcia Falk’s The Song of Songs: Love Lyrics from the Bible, or even of a more standardly rendered translation awaken in us remarkable sensations of taste, smell, touch. The Lovers’ mutual pleasure is unmistakably human bodily pleasure. Our Sages, however read Shir ha Shirim as piously religious allegory. Why? Were our Sages sex-negative? At first blush, it seems so, but a deeper looks suggests they weren't prudish at all. Join Rabbi Ahuvah Loewenthal for this presentation / text study.