8 2024

UnXeptable, a grassroots movement in support of a democratic Israel.

11:00AM - 12:15PM  


Contact Paul Adler
613 521-0170

ZOOM event.
UnXeptable is a grassroots movement launched by Israeli expats in support of a democratic Israel.
Professor Oded Oron and Yael Meiri will discuss the origins and mission of UnXeptable.
The foundations of Israeli democracy are being challenged by an ultra-right-wing government led by a Prime Minister indicted for criminal bribery who decided to pass an overhaul judicial reform that will turn Israel from a vibrant liberal democracy into a dictatorship. Israelis and Israeli ex-pats will not stand idle. We want to support the ability of the Israeli people to recover from many years of divisiveness, culture of corruption, and fear-mongering used by PM Netanyahu and reinstate the values on which the country was established - social justice and democracy.

Sponsor: Adath Shalom Congregation Adult Education