17 2013

The Myth of the Muslim Tide: Do Immigrants Threaten the West?

8:00PM - 9:00PM  

Temple Israel 1301 Prince of Wales Drive
Ottawa, ON K2C 1N2
613-224-3133 andrea@templeisraelottawa.ca

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In his recent book, The Myth of the Muslim Tide, author and journalist Doug Saunders offers a brave challenge to these ideas, debunking popular misconceptions about the effects of Islamic immigration, the beliefs, activities and growth rates of these new arrivals. He demonstrates how exactly the same arguments and political reactions greeted earlier religious-minority immigrant groups, especially Jews and Catholics. Above all, he provides a set of concrete proposals to help absorb these newcomers and make immigration work. Rather than responding to our neighbours with fear and resentment, Saunders shows us how we can make this change work to our advantage. His talk will address the pressing issues raised in his book. Doug Saunders is the author of the book Arrival City: The Final Migration and Our Next World (2011) and the London-based European bureau chief for The Globe and Mail. He writes a weekly column devoted to the larger themes and intellectual concepts behind international news, and has won the National Newspaper Award, Canada’s counterpart to the Pulitzer Prize, on four occasions.