10 2022

The mosaics of the Land of Israel - virtual tour with JNF

2:00PM - 3:00PM  


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Ancient mosaics were influenced by the cultures surrounding Israel, coming from Egypt, Rome and Byzantium. Distinct styles emerged in different locations across the land.

Visit to multiple national parks such as:

Samaritan Museum- the story of the Samaritan community, its history, and customs.
The Bird Mosaic of Caesarea and other fauna
Mosaic in ancient synagogue at Ein Gedi near the Dead Sea
The sacrifice of Isaac- Beit Alfa National Park
Mosaic as storyteller: at Tzippori National Park
Herodian Mansions in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter
The Lod Mosaic Center - The Lod Mosaic is a mosaic floor dated to ca. 300 CE

Sponsor: Vered Israel, SJCC, JNF