27 2023

Temple Israel - Song Session Shabbat

6:15PM - 9:30PM  

Temple Israel

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We welcome our very own Mark Evenchick to enchant us on guitar for an informal concert following Friday evening Shabbat services. We’ll have the chance to sing along as well as nosh on coffee/tea and snacks as we enjoy his musical delights.

Our 6:15pm services will be a Youth Led Camp Service

Join us after services , 7:30 Coffee House with Mark Evenchick
It’s over this winter season that we look to the ancient Israelites that crossed the Sea of Reeds in song and dance. Our youth leaders will lead the way as they start us off with a camp style Shabbat service. We’re thrilled to welcome URJ Camp George leadership. Immediately following, we’ll transform the building into a “beit café – coffee house” as our very own Mark Evenchick takes the stage with his guitar in hand.