30 2014

Sunday morning get out of bed and let's talk for young people

10:30AM - 12:30PM  


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Do you celebrate 8 crazy nights of Chanukah? Do you celebrate the not so crazy 8 days of Peasach... Or not! Do you like Chinese food? Is chicken noodle soup your cure all? Are you in grade 8 - 10 and find yourself wondering what to do on Sunday mornings? Or not!
If you answered "yes" or "kind of" to any of these questions then you will want to come to OMJS' new grade 8 to 10 program. This program starts November 30 and will be held monthly on Sunday mornings at the SJCC.

Join us for discussion on a whole range of topics including tattoos, organ donations, and anti-Semitism. We might even get a day trip to Montreal in there!

There will also be a leadership component where students will plan an end of year event for the school. Out first session will be about culture ( why do we love Chinese food?).

Please join us November 30, 10:30 - 12:30 at the SJCC. Who could say no to free food and conversation (actually the whole program is free). And hey you might actually enjoy it.

Sponsor: Ottawa Modern Jewish School