7 2016

Simple Truths--Pivotal Jewish Insights for Centered Living

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Jewish Youth Library of Ottawa 192 Switzer Ave
Ottawa, ON K1Z 7H9
613 729 7712

Contact Devora Caytak
This wonderful lecture series is geared for Jewish women, of any affiliation. $18 per class, plus $20 for the textbook
613 729 7712 (Phone)
613 761 5898 (Fax)

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Simple Truths explores fundamental Jewish viewpoints that help us be victorious in our everyday struggles, not by battling the challenges one by one, but by finding our center and aligning with our inner truth. This is a series of 7 lectures, geared for women. No prior knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish concepts are required. Instructor Devora Caytak gives these classes (two choices Wednesday night at 7:30 pm or Thursday am at 9 am). Delicious homemade refreshments served. Here are the seven lecture titles (one per month) 1. Lesson One Claim Your Inheritance
2. Lesson Two Where Pleasure Meets Purpose 3. Lesson Three Creation Revisited 4. Lesson Four The Beauty of the Struggle 5. Lesson Five Overcoming Limitation 6. Lesson Six To Love Another 7. Lesson Seven Joy Revealed

Sponsor: Jewish Youth Library and Rose Anne Freedman from RE/MAX