9 2019

Shavuot Luncheon and Rabbi2Rabbi Live

12:00PM - 2:00PM  

Congregation Machzikei Hadas 2310 Virginia Drive
Ottawa, ON K1H 6S2
613 521 9700 office@cmhottawa.com

Services begin: 8:45AM
Reading of The Ten Commandments: 10:00 AM

Gourmet Dairy Luncheon by Creative Kosher Catering

Stay after lunch for the not-to-be-missed: Rabbi2Rabbi Live!

Canada's Jews are doing better than their neighbours to the South: Is this a big deal?

A landmark study of Canadian Jews shows a level of strength and commitment not found in Jews in the US. How did this happen? Just because we are doing better does this mean we are doing well? What lessons do we need to learn to sustain our success and improve on it?

Q&A to follow.

More information: www.cmhottawa.com/events