9 2018


10 2018

Shabbaton with Rabbi Reuven Tradburks

7:30PM - 3:30PM  

Congregation Beit Tikvah of Ottawa 15 Chartwell Ave
6137231800 shul@cbto.org

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The Kotel Conundrum: Knocking Our Heads Against the Wall

Family Style Shabbat Dinner

The Rabbanut Criteria of Who is Jewish, Whose Conversions are accepted: An Insider's view

Shabbat Lunch

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* Rabbi Tradburks was born in Ottawa, attended Carleton University and received Semicha from Yeshiva University. He served as rabbi in Birmingham, Alabama and Toronto, Canada for 23 years before making aliya 8 years ago. While in Toronto, he was also director of the Beis Din of the Vaad Harabonim for 10 years. He is nowthe Director of he Israel Region of the Rabbinical Council of America.