2 2023

Self-Care First Aid: Even When. You. Just. Can't

Fully subsidized program for Jewish women in Ottawa exploring the critically important, and often elusive, concept of self-care.

Duration: 8 weeks, flexible timing, until February 24.

This program is for all folks who identify as a Jewish woman in Ottawa and is an inclusive and supportive space. If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility and accommodation we would love to chat with you! Please reach out to Jen at hinenicoaching@gmail.com.

In this 8-week program we will explore answers to the following questions:

How is self-care even possible when I am so busy taking care of everyone, and everything, else?
What are the most essential components of my self-care plan? How do I put that plan into action?
What's the link for me between Jewish life/practice and self-care?
Where do I start?!?

The program is designed to be self-paced, accessible and your participation is totally scalable and flexible. It's all customizable depending on your needs and your availability.

Find out more here: https://hinenicoaching.podia.com/self-care-first-aid

Sponsor: Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation, Jewish Federation of Ottawa, Hineni Coaching