22 2018


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Limited space remains to join 20 women on an exciting and unique tour of Israel sharing fun, knowledge and adventures.
Speakers include EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON internationally award winning journalist , former editor of the Jerusalem Report, present Israel editor of Moment Magazine, AIDA TUMA SLIMAN, one of only two female Arab members of the Knesset who will discuss Equality Under the Law with ESTEE RIEDER-INDURSKY, CEO of Nivcharot, Haredi ( religious ) Feminist organization, at the Knesset. Experts will join us from Haifa University relating to the topic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the residence of the Canadian Ambassador, DEBORAH LYONS, to discuss how it affects female soldiers, refugees and others living in Israel today.Other speakers include members of Women Wage Peace and Women of the Wall.

There will be a jeep tour of the Golan with a former Senior Intelligence Officer of the IDF; a visit Yad Be Yad, a bilingual school dedicated to bringing together Jewish and Arab children in a positive learning experience and to programs such as Sindyanna of the Galilee, a female- led , fair trade NGO, promoting the concept of ' business for peace' by selling Arab producers olive oil in the International market . As well, we will prepare and share dinner with a Druze/ Arab family, tour areas such as the Tel Dan Nature Reserve and a bio- bee centre to learn how Israelis are tackling environmental issues. On another cultural side, we are delighted that there is an opportunity to hear the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in Jerusalem. Of course, plans include visits to various markets, galleries and shopping among other more relaxing experiences such as yoga on the beach,cycling in a nature reserve and spa treatments at the Dead Sea for those who wish to participate!
We have also been invited to dinner at the home of a former Ottawan and our closing dinner is with Miriam Barak, at the beautiful MODERN restaurant in the Israel Museum.

For a full itinerary, please contact us by email at agulnikpaula@gmail.com or yaffa.greenbaum@gmail.com . Yaffa can be reached at 613.266.6677 and Paula at 613.298.7520.