21 2021

Say NO to Bullying Campaign

10:00AM - 7:00PM  

Virtual Event Online/Remote

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Let’s HEAL TOGETHER! 3 Hours of POSITIVE Antibullying! You are BIGGER!

Its going to be a GREAT Event! NCYMH is a GREAT place because of the GREAT people and over 2 million students and families who use our services every year. We have state of the art, creative innovative programs and events that people LOVE thanks to all of you. National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health is a multi-faith, diverse, youth empowering registered charitable organization.

NCYMH has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. NCYMH supports EVERYONE in reporting bullying. NCYMH will insure you have a Safe and Accepting Space where you can grow, succeed, and heal. Rediscover you are Hope! JOIN us to STOP Bullying today!

An Anti-Bullying Revolution: The result NCYMH will achieve from the April 21, 2021 Say NO event is a kinder, more aware society. So this is a revolution – an anti-bullying revolution and our youth – they are up to the job, Our youth – they are unstoppable, Our youth – they can do anything and NCYMH is committed to listening, Supporting and Elevating every single human being we work with in a Safe Zero Tolerance for Bullying Safe Space. The National Collaborations April 21, 2021 Say No to Bullying YES to Life event already has over five thousand registrants and is free with a minimum donation of $2.00.

Sponsor: The National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health (NCYMH)