14 2024

Queering Ritual Adornment

2:00PM - 3:00PM  

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Funded by Reconstructing Judaism's Auerbach Launch Grant, Rabbinic Student Léah Miller Returns!

"Every creative act… adds to the meaning of life and is a revelation of the Divine." - Kaplan Diary, July 28, 1940

This series will offer opportunities to physically engage with Jewish traditions of art and ritual adornment. Historically, the world of tzitzit [fringes] and tallitot [prayer shawls] has been exclusionary of women and queer people, and spiritual technologies are not always accessible or visible as an option to contemporary reconstructionist Jews. Knowing that, this event is designed to center queer and trans Jews, though all are welcome!

Drawing partially from the artistic pedagogy of the Jewish Studio Process, we will think about and play with the concept of Jewish creativity. In all three sessions, there will be time for text study, self-reflection, and creative process, and the sessions will not be dependent on each other. There are no requirements for artistic skills or materials, but registrants will receive a suggested list of how to prepare. Additionally, this class will be leading towards an in-person class where you can make/finish adorning/design your own tallis! However, this class and practice is ultimately about process, not product, and it will be accessible and appropriate for absolute beginners and experienced artists.