21 2024

PJ Passover Mania!

1:00PM - 3:00PM  

Ottawa Jewish Community School 21 Nadolny Sachs Private
Ottawa, ON K2A1R9
4318872809 mreznik@jewishottawa.com

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Celebrate Passover with Us like never before - Fun for the Entire Family!

For Our Littlest Guests (0-2 Years): Discover a cozy corner filled with toys, tasty snacks, and heaps of love just for our tiny tots.

Creative Minds (3-6 Years): Dive into five unique crafting stations tailored for Passover joy! Construct a Matzah house, craft a unique cover for the afikoman, paint seder wine glasses, design your own seder plate, and much more!

Adventurers (7-12 Years): Embark on the thrilling 'Race to Afikomen'! Solve intriguing puzzles and complete exciting tasks to uncover the hidden Afikomen.

For the Whole Family: Snap memorable moments in our magnetic photo booth, enjoy endless snacks, and connect with new and familiar faces.

Join us for a Passover celebration filled with joy, creativity, and community spirit!

PJ Library in collaboration with OJCS