11 2017

Pesach Seder II

6:00PM - 10:00PM  

The Glebe Minyan 1 - 64 Powell Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1S2A1
6138675505 glebeminyan@gmail.com

Contact Rabbi Anna Maranta

Two Sephardi-style, kosher vegetarian Seders will be offered, with up to 24 guests each night. There will be gluten-free and regular matzah, potato-crusted quiche and spring vegetable tartine, and lots of vegetable-based side dishes. There will be vegan; nut-free and fresh vegetable options to accommodate many dietary needs. All food will be labelled.
Everyone is welcome, including families with children of all ages.
A children’s table will be available and if other age-groups make a request a third table will be accommodated.

RSVP essential: Tickets may be purchased by dropping off cash or a cheque (Anna Maranta) to 1 - 64 Powell Avenue or by making a PayPal or e-transfer (maranta.anna@gmail.com): suggested contribution - $18 to $36/individual

********Accessibility Notes**************
Physical - This is not a wheelchair accessible space. Our Seders will be held at the Quaker Meeting House in the dining hall, down a flight of stairs. Assistance can be provided up and down stairs with notice.

Transit - The location is within a few minutes walk of the #1 and # 7 bus routes with stops located on Bank Street.

Financial - All Glebe Minyan events are financially accessible. Although a ticket is required, we are a Pay-what-you-can community. No-one is turned away due to inability to make an offering.

Other - This is an alcohol-free event as the venue does not permit alcohol consumption on its premises.