23 2017

OJCS Open House

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Jennifer Greenberg 100 Versilia Drive
613-722-0020 EXT 345

Contact Jennifer Greenberg
613-722-0020 ext. 345

I am hosting a wine and cheese parlor meeting at my home on Thursday March 23rd from 7-9pm, at 100 Versilia Drive in Barhaven. I am hoping you can help me get the word out. Please show this message to anyone you feel would be interested in or thinking about attending OJCS for next year.

The theme of the night will be a casual chat with OJCS parents, board members and teachers over a glass of wine. If there are any questions about the curriculum, this will be the opportune time to have them answered. In addition we will be offering a short presentation and video about what the OJCS has to offer.

Please RSVP by Monday March 20th to

All are welcome.