19 2013


20 2013

Limmud Ottawa - An Inspiring weekend of Jewish learning and culture


151 chapel street

PROVOCATIVE PANELS The Rebbetzins’ Experience:The Ultimate Balancing Act ■ Women of the Wall ■ Urbanization and Jews: How Jewish Communities React To Urban Renewal ■ Why Israel Wins The Battle But Loses The War ■ Why Do Young Adults Abandon Shul? ■ Pluralism and Jewish Identity ■ Jewish Eco-Education and Jewish Farming ■ Israel in Film ■ Cooking Class: Chulent to Dafina ■ Meditation with a Jewish Bent ■ Art Display THE MUSIC WE LOVE An Evening of Hebrew, Yiddish, Chazzanut and Broadway Melodies: Hosted by Laurence Wall. Featuring Evelyn Greenberg, Cantor Daniel Benlolo, Cantor Jeremy Burko, Adam Moscoe, Shira Taylor, and the Beth Shalom Choir. Saturday, October 19, 7:30pm. RABBINIC RIFFS Classical Rabbinic texts in chavruta with local rabbis UNPLUG THE SHTETL Kumzitz with Rabbi Leibish Hundert