11 2019

JNF Ottawa 2019 Negev Dinner

5:00PM - 9:30PM  

Infinity Convention Centre 2901 Gibford Dr.

Contact ILANA Albert-Novick

$ Cost $ 360.00

JNF Canada: Building the Foundations of Israel’s Future
Since 1901, the Jewish National Fund has cared for the Land  and People of Israel

From planting trees, building water reservoirs and preserving natural habitats to building parks and bicycle trails, JNF has always helped.  Today, the Mission of JNF Canada continues to help by building Israel’s social infrastructure. JNF directs your donations to where they are needed most.  Through innovative partnerships, and your continued support, JNF is helping youth-at-risk, victims of domestic abuse, special needs children, veterans with lifelong disabilities and people living below the poverty line.

JNF Canada is proud to fund a myriad of projects enriching the lives of the people of Israel. Donations of $6,000 and above will be recognized at the project site in Israel.

Join us in building the future of Israel.


Honourees Sharon and David Appotive
Funds will support Save a Child’s Heart; proceeds will help to build the new Children’s Hospital Pediatric Surgical Suite. Tickets: $360
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Infinity Convention Centre, 2901 Gibford Dr.

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