14 2024

Jewish Peoplehood - Adult Education at KBI

7:00PM - 8:15PM  

Kehillat Beth Israel Congregation 1400 Coldrey ave
Ottawa, ON K1Z 7P9
6137283501 (Phone)
613 728-4468 (Fax)

Contact Rabbi Dini Lewittes
6137283501 (Phone)
613 728-4468 (Fax)

Please join us: March 14, 21 / April 4, 11
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A KBI program/Shalom Hartman Institute curriculum led by Rabbi Adina Lewittes

Judaism is defined both by a set of beliefs and values and by identification with the Jewish people.
The massacre on October 7, 2023, and the ensuing and ongoing war with Hamas have highlighted the notion of peoplehood - intensifying if for those long immersed in the Jewish community, and reawakening if for those distanced or estranged.

What does peoplehood mean? How does belonging to a people interact with one's personal ideas and faith?  What tension might emerge between them and how might we resolve them? How do we balance commitment to our own people and commitment to the human family?

The entire of Ottawa community is invited to join this series. 


Sponsor: Kehillat Beth Israel Shalom Hartman Institute