15 2017

Jewish Galicia: Vibrant Past Rediscovered

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Soloway JCC 21 Nadolny Sachs Private
Ottawa, ON K2A 1R9
(613)798-9818 ext. 254 rwollock@jccottawa.com

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Jewish Galicia: Vibrant Past Rediscovered
Speaker Andrew Zalewski brings to life the Jewish community of Galicia between the years 1772-1918. His personal genealogical discoveries are intertwined with a larger historical context to provide a story of many contrasts: poverty mixes with opportunities and separateness with acculturation. The talk is based on the expanded research carried out for the speaker's recently published book Galician Portraits: In Search of Jewish Roots.

Sponsor: Soloway JCC and the Jewish Geneaological Society of Ottawa