26 2015

JET Tisha b'Av program

3:00PM - 6:00PM  

Congregation Beit Tikvah of Ottawa (CBTO) 15 Chartwell Avenue
Ottawa, ON

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This Tisha B’Av, join with JET and tens of thousands of Jews worldwide to recall the tragedies that have befallen us on the 9th of Av and to increase our sense of unity and harmony.

Please join JET at Beit Tikvah for a special Tisha B'Av afternoon program:

3:00pm - lecture by Rabbi Burr (details tba)
4:00pm - lecture by Rabbi Tuvia Hoffman (details tba)
5:00pm - inspiring video presentation by the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation (CCHF) on "The Power to Yield: The True Strength of the Jewish People" (see details below)

Cost: $10 per person for the entire program. (Join us for as much or as little as you can).

"The Power to Yield: The True Strength of the Jewish People" - 5pm video presentation: Vatranus - the power to yield to the needs of others - is often mistaken for weakness in our highly competitive, self-centered world. Yet it is the ultimate power, tapping into the Jewish people’s natural drive to connect with and help one another. Three dynamic speakers will deliver inspiring insights on the power of vatranus to build each of us and to uplift Klal Yisrael:
Rabbi Eli J. Mansour a leading speaker in the Syrian-Jewish community and the Rav of Congregation Bet Yaakob in Flatbush, NY.
Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, a highly sought-after speaker and advisor, founder of Ohr Naava, the renowned women’s learning institution in Brooklyn, and a powerful force in inspiring young adults to return to their roots.
Dr. David Lieberman, a clinical psychologist and author of 11 books whose voice of reason, refreshing insights, humor and wisdom are eagerly sought by audiences the world over.